Polygon Poles


Polygonal poles are used in a wide range of applications: street lighting, area lighting, stadium lighting, outdoor cameras, traffic cameras, road signs and signs, flagpoles, telecommunications (antennas), lightning arresters, solar panels, advertising (billboards), catenary and electricity distribution and others.

MİNA GALVANİZ carries out all kinds of pole design and manufacturing projects with its own experienced staff, and also performs load tests at internationally accepted test stations upon request. In addition, they can use the direct design from the customer upon request, and if any, the deficiencies such as the manufacturing picture and carding are completed by us.

MINA GALVANIZED poles are manufactured, galvanized, packaged and delivered to the place and the way the customer wants, in accordance with international standards and customer’s specification. Turkey abroad as well as market directly manufactured in large quantities and are shipped to many countries.

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