Hot Dip

Hot Dip

Hot dip Galvanizing has initially used to protect huge steel structures against corrosion, then it has widely started to use due to the easy rusting of steel structures and energy transmission lines especially which has placed where it is difficult to reach. By the time, together with the technological progress and with the easy workability of steel, galvanizing increased in parallel with the increase of use of steel in the world. Today in Europe there are many samples of magnificent steel structures that have remained from those years. And, of course, all of these steel are nearly galvanized. Nearly for over 200 years, all types of steel structure which is suitable for galvanization have started galvanizing. Today galvanizing is an indispensable necessity for many different sectors.

Advantages of Hot dip galvanizing

Low Cost • Low Service & Maintenance Costs • Durability • Long Lasting Stableness • Operation Speed • Coating Toughness • Holistic Surface Coating • 3 Way Protection ( Rate of Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Electronegative Protection) • Ease of Quality Control • Quick Installation

Usage Areas of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Energy Transmission and Distribution Poles • Steel Buildings • Handrails • Lower and Upper Buildings of the Bridge • Pedestrian Overpasses • Lighting Poles • Power Plants • Barriers and Railings • Steel Constructions of the Stadium • Pipelines • Urban Design • Port Constructions

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