Projector Poles

Projector Poles

Projector Poles



Floodlight poles carry floodlights to illuminate large areas. They can be produced in various types and designs for streets, streets, highways, airport areas, parks, parking lots, stadiums and other wide open areas.

MINA GALVANIZ produces high poles of various types: they can be portable ladder with or without platform, portable ladder, ladder with security lattice, movable crown (lifting and lowering system) with heights from 5m to 60m. The high masts can also have various floodlight arrangements on top. It can be arranged in one, two, three or four directions.

Standard Projector Pole

There are three types of standard flood poles: with or without a lowering system, with a platform and ladder (with or without a ladder) and with or without a portable ladder. Projector pole type selection is made according to the technical requirements and conditions of the area of ​​use. The number of projectors, directional arrangements, mast height and designed wind speed are the main factors determining the design of the mast.

Stadium Projector Pole

Stadium lighting poles are usually large masts with lattice ladder, platform, and a large number of projectors arranged in one direction. The number of projectors and the height of the mast depends on the site size and light calculations.

MİNA GALVANİZ produces stadium poles that comply with all technical requirements and international standards.

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